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Thursday, June 12, 2014

PARANOIA Bundle of Holding 

Attention, citizen! The Computer's loyal servants in Internal Security have approved the PARANOIA Bundle of Holding for your security clearance. This bundle has everything you need to become a Troubleshooter hunting traitors in Alpha Complex.

For just US$9.95, you get all three titles in our RED-Clearance core collection (retail value $42):

And if you pay more than the threshold price (around $23 at this writing), you'll rise in clearance and get our ULTRAVIOLET-Clearance collection of five bonus titles:

Almost all the titles in this offer are illustrated by The One True PARANOIA Artist, the incomparable Jim Holloway. Ten percent of your payment is split equally between the two charities selected by Famous Game Designer Allen Varney: the Electronic Frontier Foundation and Human Rights Watch.

The starting threshold price of this PARANOIA Bundle will be weighted to keep it from rising too fast. The sooner you buy, the lower the threshold is, and the cheaper it is to get the bonus supplements.

There's another reason to buy early. If The Computer generously authorizes the addition of new bonus titles to this collection after launch, PLC forkbots will automatically place the new additions on your Wizard's Cabinet download page, REGARDLESS of whether you paid more than the bonus threshold. Praise The Computer!

"Of course," you're saying, "I already own all these titles." Well, how about recruiting a new citizen? By paying more than the threshold price, you can give a Bundle of Holding as a gift. CPU considers this the most efficient way to introduce newcomers to a life in joyous service to The Computer.

You have not yet purchased this collection, citizen. Why not? Are you mistrustful of The Computer's generosity? Perhaps this Internal Security agent can encourage you. Buy with certainty, and quickly -- this PARANOIA Bundle of Holding offer ends Monday morning, June 23rd.


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