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Tuesday, January 01, 2013

PARANOIA: 2012 in review 

The Computer's loyal servants in Technical Services have discovered Communist sabotage of various timekeeping devices across Alpha Complex. Doubtless the traitors, who will doubtless soon be apprehended, intended to sow doubt in The Computer's doubtlessly accurate chronological fidelity. Because all these devices display different degrees of error, Central Processing has ordered a complex-wide reset, requiring Year 214 to be repeated from the beginning.

Nothing of import happened with PARANOIA in 2012. But stay tuned, because a large project is afoot, or soon to climb to its feet. Should it happen, PARANOIA will have a strong 2013. As always, The Computer commends all loyal citizens for their cooperation.


Oh Boy! I eagerly await The Computer's newest secret happiness initiative. Here's to a quantitatively superior 214 filled with more PARANOIA!
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