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Saturday, November 13, 2010

JParanoia software to go open-source 

On the leading PARANOIA fan site, Paranoia-Live.net, shadowy High Programmer NoryB has suddenly returned from a years-long absence in the dark corners of Sector BEE to deliver a striking pronouncement: Before year's end, NoryB intends to open his JParanoia software as open source:
After too many cycles of neglect, I have once again picked up the source for JParanoia and am presently in the process of cleaning it up, tweaking it to make use of contemporary Java features, and will be RELEASING IT UNDER THE GPLv3 OPEN SOURCE LICENSE so that the community can maintain and improve it in perpetuity.

This should happen before the end of this yearcycle (discounting the possibility of commie sabotage).
JParanoia, as all good citizens know, is the free client/server application for playing PARANOIA online. It has lain dormant for a classified length of time, but now the future looks bright. Commendation point, NoryB, and good luck!

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